An Exercise in Narcissism

I feel that coming up to the shoot of my first proper “serious” short film (Cult Like Behaviour), it would be good for me to look back on what I have learnt making my other films and last-first-semi-serious-short, Billy Cart. And because I think out loud in the form of writing (sometimes in script format) I thought why not fulfil my previous blog post promise and actually post stuff.

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Black Magic Cinema Camera!

So, after 9 (ish) months of saving and salivating the BMCC has finally arrived! Thanks to Wayne at Videocraft ACT, I am one of the first in Canberra (and one of few in Australia) to get my hands on this little beast.

First impressions are akin to love, like when you sit at a bar with friends and a really good looking girl is looking at you and you keep checking behind you to see if she’s looking at someone else.
This camera is that too-good-to-be-true girl and she is definitely looking at you.
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An Introduction to Me

Hi Everyone, how are you?
I suppose you’re wondering why the internet needs another blog, by another “young filmmaker”. Why another self-proclaimed “expert” should share his wisdom, or pictures of his instagrammed food.
Don’t worry; I’m none of these things.
I’m writing something that I would want to read – the experience of someone who is just starting, still learning, and is still curious and knows their place in the world of filmmaking.

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